Saturday, 7 February 2015


Excited to say that all of our hard work paid off! Our FALL shoot has found a home! The fabulous Fifi O'neill will be featuring the story in the upcoming Fall issue of PRAIRIE STYLE MAGAZINE! And because of all the gorgeous photos taken by the wonderful Robin Stubbert,  there was talk of a 'special' feature! I'm thrilled! So watch for it!~Mel

Monday, 2 February 2015

OK! So we (I) am trying to plan some CHANGES in the kitchen
and every time I get a great idea I think long and hard about it and then change my mind.
Boy! This is hard! I think I sort of know what I may want?!
I am DEFINITELY taking down the upper cabinets because I have managed to
SELL them already!!
YES! even before I know what I (the hubs) will actually be doing!
There are still several options but
I do have one REALLY great idea cupboard wise!.....

 I'm not too sure what to do about my fridge. I have always loved the juxtaposition of the stainless with the farmhouse look BUT I seem to be tired of it and have longed for a fridge that doesn't really LOOK like a fridge! I have always loved how in primitive styled homes they build their fridge in to look like a cupboard. A great example is Christine's fridge from 1871 Farmhouse (The Primitive Heart). She has the BEST light primitive styled home which appeals to me since I also love the lighter tones. Her home is the dreamiest!! In fact once you enter her home-you do NOT want to leave and go back to your own! I left there in the summer POUTING like a child because her home is so amazing! You can link to her site here
 Our kitchen isn't normally look so bright, its just how I took the photos but I am still trying to figure out how to add some warmth. Its a little white for me........... whatever I do to replace the cupboards I better take that into consideration!
I'm pretty sure though how this will end-or at least that's how it's pictured in my head!
So that's what I have been up to lately. This and redecorating the girls room.
I will keep you posted on that as well!!
Be sure to give your own 2 cents on the matter! I love hearing from you!

Take care!

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Winter blues?

I guess I have the winter blues?  I feel myself trying desperately to make our home seem springy. By putting away winter decor (which I didn't have much of anyways) to infusing springy colors. How about you?

Saturday, 27 September 2014

They did it!

Locks of Love for sure!
The girls got their hair cut at school on Thursday as part of the schools Terry Fox Run & event day.
An extremely emotional time for me.
My eldest daughter went first.   I had asked my friend Nancy who is a teacher at the school to cut their hair. Come to find out her Aunt has lost all her hair and is battling cancer so it meant a lot to her to do this.
My youngest daughter had never had even a trim so it was (is) a big deal to me! I braided a tiny braid to keep for myself and I snipped it off first before handing the scissors back over to Nancy. The girls also raised 1000 dollars to go along with their hair. Friends, family and local businesses from our community were so kind to donate for such a good cause.
I have shed tears here and there since. Yes even at Walmart! And then we  had an employee almost crying when I shared her story. Can you believe it!? Oh the crazy people you'll see at Walmart! (ME)  THE GIRLS LOVE THEIR HAIRCUT! AND BEST OF ALL SOME LUCKY CHILDREN WILL HAVE BEAUTIFUL WIGS MADE OUT OF ~LOVE~

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Locks of Love

My beautiful girls are cutting and donating their hair to Locks of Love tomorrow.  I have mixed emotions! My youngest, who is almost 6 has never had a haircut yet!  You can bet I'll be keeping a few LOCKS for the baby book!  ;)

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Kitchenaid mixer makeover

I'm sorry I don't have step by step instructions to share.
I myself scoured pinterest and found multiple sites that share in detail the process of how to paint your mixer.
I encourage you to google it or look on pinterest and you will find what you are looking for!
I have had this mixer for 8 years now my hubby bought it for our anniversary. He paid EXTRA because it had to be the PINK one!
For the last year or so it has been in the cupboard because I was getting tired of the pink. (sorry hubs!)
BUT now I am loving the white!
It's not burning my eyes anymore!

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